OPPO F3 Plus The Ultimate Selfie Expert


OPPO has launched the F series of smart phones and it is proved that it is the good decision since the company has started working with 4th largest smart phone manufacturer in the world. OPPO is dubbing down and it has launched two new technologies like 5 x zoom and the stabilized photography and the refreshing of the selfie expert lineup with F3 Plus.

F3 Plus of OPPO is provided with good punch and it is sported with neat selfie camera setup and it also justifies Rs.49,899 flagship price.

Design & Build Quality

OPPO F3 Plus is prepared with same metal uni body design language, which we found on F1 generation. On the front side of the smart phone, Gorilla Glass 5 and the back of the smart phone is prepared with metal. The edges are rounded and it has nice soft touch, which is finished to metal and the antenna lines on the back of the handset and chamfered edges are the visual details to help the smart phone stand out.

There is one thing to note that the display of the handset is slightly changed from body to fit the larger battery. The handset has the poor quality of pre-installed screen protector and it was so thick and the edges of the handset are felt rough against the touch of fingers. The screen is fingerprint magnet is provided in absence of oleophobic coating. This handset has the weight of 185 grams and has the large display and battery.

The users will get the dual front facing cameras and it is also added with ambient light sensor on top of the smart phone. The finger print sensor is added on bottom front and it doubles up home button and the non clicky variety. It is blazing quickly and unlocks phone instantly. The sensor of the handset is water proof and it works like charm with wet fingers. The right side features of the handset are SIM tray and power button. The left side of the handset is added with two buttons to control the volume. It is also added with speaker grill, headphone jack and microUSB port on the bottom. The viewers will find the camera and dual LED flash to light the photos.


OPPO F3 Plus has 6 inch IPS LCD display with the provision of 1080p resolution and it is provided with latest Gorilla Glass 5 protection and the pre-installed screen protector to keep the display safer. The smart phone has pixel density on lower side, which is 367 ppi and it is not added with jagged edges in daily use.

The handset has the bright display with no tint and the blacks on this phone are really deep ad rival of an AMOLED display. The screen of the handset is sharp and the color reproduction is accurate and it tends to be slightly saturated.


OPPO F3 Plus is added with 16 MP rear camera with dual LED flash which OIS and phase detection. It is added with dual front camera setup with 16 MP and 8 MP camera and later will be used for wide angle selfies.

The rear side camera is used to take the beautiful pictures and the colors are saturated and the noise level is low in daylight. OPPO uses wide aperture to let in more light even if there is low light and it can help the users to make good snaps. In the darker scenes, they need to lose some details and noise is there, when it is zoomed in.

The users get different shooting options like time lapse videos, beauty and panorama. They can make GIFs and there are now standard filters and exposure mode. There is the Expert Mode and you can have access of the advanced settings including AWB, exposure, focus, ISO and shutter speed. The common photographer was also able to take wonderful pictures with the use of OPPO F3 Plus.

Front Camera

The front facing camera is wonderful as it is great to make the pictures or selfie with two of the team members and it was taken at the same distance and angle. There is slight distortion around the edges of the photos, which is similar to take from fish eye lenses, when you use wide angle front camera. There is no LED flash for front camera and it is provided with upgraded screen flash. They are used to light up the screen for brighter selfies according to their environment. There is no replacement of the proper front facing flash.

There is bright and focused lights, which have lens flare when you use wide angle selfie mode. The quality of the camera is stealer and there is no complaint on that end but there is lack of LED flash and distortion for the focused lights, which are the issues and they should not be there.

Hardware and Performance

The handset, OPPO F3 Plus is powered with Snapdragon 653 and the octa-core processor is paired with Adreno 510 and the users will get 4GB RAM. The smart phone is provided with the internal storage capacity of 64 GB and the viewers will get microSD card slot, which can be expandable by 256 GB.

OPPO F3 Plus has shown tremendous performance and battery of the handset was smooth regardless of their many apps, which are provided in the background. When the processor is not provided on top of the line so it is not explained the difference between the device and the one powered by modern processor like Snapdragon 821 in the daily use.

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