Over 933,000 Websites & Pages Blocked in Pakistan


Pakistan has been a victim of the pornography and also has been listed at the top in this regard. The objectionable or pornographic images, texts and videos on the internet are a very critical issue as it directly affects the youth physically and socially as well.

A strong initiative has been taken from the government of Pakistan and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has blocked a total of 933,775 URLs. The websites and pages of the following categories have been blocked by PTA.

  • Judiciary – 6182,
  • Anti-State – 13175,
  • Blasphemy – 53654,
  • Defamatory/Impersonation – 2915,
  • Misc – 4633,
  • Pornography – 831,674,
  • Proxy – 10196
  • Sectarian/Hate Speech – 11346

According to article 37 of PECA of the constitution of Pakistan, PTA has authority to remove or block any information system under the following categories;

(a) Blasphemy (against the glory of Islam)

(b) Anti-state (against integrity, security or defense of Pakistan)

(c) Public Order

(d) Contempt of Court

(e) Pornography (against decency and morality)

(f) Incitement of any offense under provisions of PECA 39.

Moreover, the authority has also established a directorate “Web Analysis Directorate” to hear the complaints from general public and block the objectionable content over the internet. In this regard PTA has established a call center supported by toll-free number 080055055, shortcode 8866 for SMS, landline 051-9207059, and via a web form available on PTA website.

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