Pak China Optical Fiber Cable Project Completes in 2018


Fiber Optic

Fiber Optic

Special Communication Organization (SCO) claimed to have the upgraded and replaced the GSM Network of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) and it will be launched the 3G / 4G services.

The SCO officials said that they have replaced the GSM network of AJK and they are waiting for the spectrum (3G/4G) auction of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and after that 3G/4G services would be launched. The officials of SCO delivered the briefing to National Assembly Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecom as this team had the meeting with Capt (Retd) Muhammad Safdar in the chair.

Pak-China Fiber Cable Linkage Project

The National Assembly  standing committee was informed that the $44 million Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) project has the direct connection of Pakistan with China and it would be completed under China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) by December 31, 2018 and it will provide safest internet route to both countries.

In this project, China will provide 85% of the funds for this project and Pakistani government will provide remaining 15% funds for this project. The project will enable another high speed international connections and it will provide the rapidly growing internet traffic needs of both countries. The main project of the objective is to lay the 820 km long cable between Rawalpindi and Khunjrab and this project was assigned to SCO. It is also informed that the physical deployment of the project has been completed so far.

Pak China Fiber Optic

Pak China Fiber Optic

When this project will be completed, the back haul fiber optic cable will provide Pakistan the direct telecom access to China, Central Asian States and from there to Europe and to and from United States.

This project will generate the revenue and it will also provide the safe route of data traffic between the two countries.

Second Phase of Fiber Linkage Project

In the second phase of Pakistan China Optical Fiber Cable Project establishment of the cross border OFC network, (Khunjrab-Gawadar-Karachi), this project of fiber cable will be expanded to Gawadar. It has also been proposed and PC-1 has been submitted to IT Ministry to provide the international linkage with the entire CPEC route.

The project has been endorsed by the ex prime minister and the current prime minister and the IT Ministry has maintained that there are some of the legal issues and SCO could not be allowed to proceed with it. Now this matter is pending with PM and the member of the Minister of IT stated that the decision will be made at the highest level to implement it. The committee directed in the next meeting that all of the heads of Cellular company must attend and they give the briefing to the member about the status of the issued cell phone sims, working of the internet 3G & 4G service and installed the ‘Antenna Towers’ all over the country.

Audio Tape from Islamabad Dharna

The standing committee of National Assembly also listened to the alleged audio tape about the payment of Rs.50 million to the leaders of Faizabad Dharna. The committee showed the grievances on the discussion, which was gone viral on social media. The members of the committee directed the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication to carry out the investigation on the matter through the agencies like FIA, PTA and IB and they should submit the detailed report on this matter within 10 days.

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