Pak Railways App Review


Pakistan Railways is one of those departments of government that are continuously in loss but it is still used by most people for traveling. But they should be praised for bring small changes in the service from time to time. One of such recent efforts is the release of their official app, Pak Railway app.

You can access few features that are available of website of railway like booking of tickets and available trains but it has several problems at the moment.

Getting Started

In the beginning, the app logo will appear in front and then page with register or sign in option will come forward.

Registration Issues and Workaround

It is difficult to register on the page. You need both SMS code and email verification code for registration but you will usually get only one at a time. The app sometimes doesn’t recognize the phone number at all.

In this case, you can use “Guest Sign In” option after which you will get to the app’s main page. But you can’t access the option of “Tickets” if you haven’t registered.


But you can easily get access to few other options including ‘Timings’ through which you can know about timing and route of various available trains.


You can also use “Travel” option after which you will reach the page providing details of available trains and their ticket costs. The departure and arrival points along with departure date have to be mentioned along with number of children and adults travelers. Number of passengers can be changed only by using ‘+’ and ‘-‘ signs. This process works quite similar to website of PR.


Through ‘helpline’ option, you can dial the PR helpline number. For this purpose, you have to enter your city code and press ‘call helpline’.

The Freight Option

Currently, the “Freight” option is not performing correctly. After entering in the required fields, you receive an error. It happens with entering any type of commodity.


This option works right and you can share your suggestion and also complaints through ‘complaint’ section to Pakistan Railways.

You can choose the type of complaints for sending by opening the option of ‘cleanliness’.

Final Words

The designing is quite simple and straightforward but it is devoid of any appealing UI which might prove unimpressive for few but it is easy to understand and navigate.

But the main issue with eh app is that you can’t register through the app which eliminates main function of the app while freight option is also not working properly and you can only get information about trains and their fares and capacity.

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