Pakistan decides to let Russia use Gwadar Port


The decision has been made to include Russia in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and Pakistan has accepted to let Russia reach warm waters through Gwadar Port.

According to reliable sources, an important advancement has been made in strategic and economic relations between Pakistan and Russia after 14 years and Russian intelligence Federal Security Services (FSS) chief Alexander Bortnikov made an important visit to Pakistan at the end of last month.


The sources told that FSS chief met with officers of intelligence and defense including ISI chief Gen. Rizwan Akhtar both talked about increasing cooperation in intelligence and defense affairs. It was decided to include Russia in CPEC after these meetings.

Through this way, Russia will reach ‘Warm Waters’ through Gwadar Port while both the countries will also sign mutual agreements in future for business purpose.

The sources also told that Russian intelligence chief was given gift of precious pistols by Pakistani intelligence chief. Russia was most worried about security.

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