Pakistans First Anime in Urdu The Glassworker


Pakistani teenager artist orchestrated the sensation guitar music in unique and different way. He put his guitar in his lap and he strummed his both hands, fingers and knock on it. Usman Riaz has done wonderful work on his music and he picked the different approach in his life. He also released his first ever hand drawn animated movie called, Glassworker.

This movie was created under banner of Mano Animation Studios and this movie, Glassworker is the story of the young boy, Vincent and the girl, Alliz. The boy learnt the art of glassblowing from his father and Alliz is the frequent visitor of the shop and she falls in love with him and in this way, this story progressed further.

The filmmaker told the media that this story is set in the fictitious Waterfront town and Vincent is the apprentice glass blower, who learnt the art of glass working from his father and Alliz is prodigious violinist, who strive to her unique voice on the instrument. This movie will comments of different effects of war on the children through their formative years and their lives become more complicated in their friendship.

Jami Moor is the well known film director based in Karachi and she supported the team and their highly stylized movie. He showed his comments on Facebook and said that this was the best ever animation from Pakistan.  This is the pure heartwarming and purity of hard working, genius kinds, who made this film. This young man has done what sort of work which many adults cannot do.

It is needed to take the initiatives to diversify the Pakistani showbiz and they can create opportunities for people, who are working in these fields. There is no dearth of the talent and they come forward and showed the world the work for which they are capable of.

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