PIA Announces To Resign Employees Voluntarily


The Pakistan International Airlines PIA is facing a huge financial crisis for years. Due to high financial pressure on the organization the PIA has decided to allow the employees voluntarily from their jobs and designations. Reportedly, PIA has is going to start a Voluntary Separation Scheme VSS. According to VSS PIA allows the employees to resign voluntarily from organization. The organization will give them fair compensation on their resign. The fair compensation package will be given with lump-sum medical, accumulated leaves, gratuity, provident fund and pension up to the age of 65 years.

The organization has given employees a deadline to resign voluntarily until 22 December 2020. The employees who will resign voluntarily are asked to submit the VSS application with a duly signed VSS package report. The facility of submitting the VSS application form is provided at the facilitation desks at each station.

According to Spokesperson of PIA, Hafeez Khan:

The last working day of the VSS accepted employees shall be December 31, 2020, whereas the expected date of receiving payout cheque shall be on or before January 31, 2021.

The Spokesman further added:

“Different basic pay formula has been devised as per salary break-up and service years of employees including pilots and engineers,”

The employees are categorized for the VSS package in to two categories like under 18 years of service and over 18 years of service.

The eligibility criteria for VSS package is as under:

  1.       Regular employees under the age of 58 years are eligible
  2.       Non Regular and Contractual employees and who have applied to retire earlier and resigned are not eligible of VSS package.
  3.       Only employees who are subject to any legal action against PIA will be eligible for Voluntary Separation Scheme VSS.

The spokesperson claimed:

“Employees have already made up their minds; VSS was announced at 4 p.m. late afternoon. We are expecting 2,500 employees to opt for VSS,”

The restructuring announced by the government for PIA is aimed at halving the manpower of the loss-making entity, and Rs. 12.69 billion has been earmarked for VSS.

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