PIA Increases Domestic Flights


PIA Spokesman, Danyal Gillani has informed that the national flag carrier decided to increase some domestic flights to different cities to handle the increasing number of passengers.

Pakistan International Airlines announced that they included new state of the art fleet of aircrafts and they have decided to start some new domestic flights to handle the increasing rush of the passengers between different cities within the country.

The PIA management has taking the initiatives on the international level by starting some new flights on different international destinations like Oman, China, and New York so that they can provide the facility to the local community. Karachi and Lahore are the busiest airports of the country and the increasing number of flights between these cities will help in reducing the burden on their airline and they can provide more aerial facilities to the passengers.


The spokesman of PIA has provided the details about the new increasing flights and the new domestic flights are started between Karachi and Lahore and it will increase total of four flights per day. Before this, there were only two daily flights between these two cities, which are insufficient to handle the increasing number of passengers.


The flights between Karachi and Faisalabad were only five flights and now these flights have been increased to seven with the start of two new flights between these two cities. The passengers can get further detail of the exact timing of the newly added flights and their timings and days, which are provided on the website of the airline.


There is only one flight, which is being operated between Karachi and Sialkot weekly. Now the airline has increased the number of flights between these two cities. Now the airline has started four airlines between these two cities, which can help in managing the increasing rush of the passengers. These flights will be started from 30 October and ATR aircraft handle the rest of the three flights per week by A320.

With the increase in number of flights, they allow the tourism to spread in Pakistan and also provide the facilities to the citizens of Pakistan.


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