PIA Teases Emirates Qatar and Etihad Airline


Recently, Pakistan Internationally tweeted rather humorously tweeted on the sanctions imposed by USA on Qatar, Etihad, Emirates and other Middle Eastern airlines for hand carrying tablets, laptops and other electronic devices while this ban was not imposed on PIA. Apart from cell phones, this ban was imposed on all types of electronic devices by the US Govt.

Though, these devices are allowed to be carried in checked in luggage but there is risk for losing sensitive information present in these devices if put in checked in baggage.

But due to exemption from ban, passengers traveling from PIA can carry laptops and other electronic devices on board. This is an appealing situation for those traveling for long distance flights.

Following devices are banned by USA to be brought online on Middle Eastern airlines:

  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • eReaders
  • Anything that measures larger than 6.9-inches x 3.66-inches

In a tweet, PIA said while indirectly addressing these sanctions on the air lines that people going US via PIA flights can take their tablets and laptops onboard.

It should be remembered that PIA operates connecting flights from Karachi to USA and direct flights from Lahore to New York.

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