Plastic packing that warns against spoiled food


A famous plastic and chemical product manufacturing American company “Braskem” has started to prepare such bottles whose color changes with spoiling of drink inside the bottle that warns the buyer.

Like Pakistan, selling of expired food products in USA is also quite severe and it worth billions of dollars per annum. Different studies show that most of the consumers don’t see the expiry date mentioned on the sealed products and sometimes they purchase expired and spoiled products which is either harmful for them or they have to change the product later.

But if the products are packed in such bottles that change their color after spoiling of food items inside them then it will not be required to mention expiry date and the consumer will know that the product has spoiled after seeing the changing color of bottle.

There is a simple chemical behind this strange technology. When a food product spoils, its pH level also changes. It will be easier for buyers if it is packed in a bottle that changes its color with change in pH value of the product.

The concept of plastic that changes color after spoiling of food is 20 years old but it will be used on such a large scale for the first time. So far, Braskem has prepared such bottles on introductory level whose header is of yellow color but it changes its color to bluish with spoiling of the drink and it becomes completely blue after complete spoiling of the fluid.


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