PM Imran Khan Launched ‘Digital Pakistan’ Campaign


Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated the ‘Digital Pakistan’ campaign during the inauguration ceremony held at the Prime Minister’s office in Islamabad. In the launch ceremony, PM said that Pakistan is retaking its honor on the global level. He said while addressing the ceremony that:

PM Imran Khan Inaugurates Digital Pakistan

PM Imran Khan Inaugurates Digital Pakistan

“Once there was a time when we fought other countries’ wars for money. Now Pakistan is emerging as a stable economy and peacemaker in the world”

The government of Pakistan Tehreek E Insaf is going to initiate digitization program. The key purpose of this initiative is to use the latest technology for the betterment and ease of the public of Pakistan. The emerging issue of cybersecurity will also be dealt under this initiative, he said.

“Under this program, the government and private sector will work in collaboration to towards a digitally progressive and inclusive Pakistan”

Another most important initiative under this program will be to precede e-governance to tackle with corruption in government sector.  PM Khan said.

“We’re getting a lot of resistance from our departments. But unfortunately, they won’t be able to stop it”

Digital Pakistan

Digital Pakistan

To head the digitization campaign, the government has also hired a senior ex-Google employee, Tania Aidrus. She was a Director, Product Payments for Next Billion Users at Google and resigned from this position. Prior to that, she was the Country Manager for South Asia Emerging Markets at Google. She is known as one of top Google Executives. Now she has moved to Pakistan Singapore to lead the initiative.

Key Features of Digital Pakistan Campaign

  • Access and Connectivity: To ensure every Pakistani has access to the internet.
  • Digital Infrastructure: To enable the youth to use smart phones for constructive purposes.
  • E-governance: To digitize intra-government communications and correspondence, introduce paperless governance, and to digitize government services for public to increase efficiency.
  • Digital Skills and Literacy: To help tech graduates secure relevant jobs.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship: To provide an enabling environment for start-ups to flourish

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