Popularity of Saba Qamar after Mahira in India


Mumbai, Pakistani leading and well known Saba Qamar has great popularity in India after the Pakistani actress, Mahira Khan. Pakistani artists, Fawwad Khan and Mahira Khan has shown the tremendous performance in the movies and they got the attention of the Indian viewers. Mahira Khan performed against Shah Rukh Khan in the Indian movies and she got the popularity due to her wonderful acting. Another Pakistani actress, Saba Qamar has performed in the Bollywood movie, ‘Hindi Medium’ and she performed well in the movie and the viewers are praising her performance in the movie.

Saba Qamar has performed the role of heroine in the movie, ‘Hindi Medium’ against Irfan Khan and she made people fond of her. Indian legendary actor, Rishi Kapoor is well known because of his bold comments and he said in his tweet that this movie, ‘Hindi Medium’ has impressed him. He said that both the artists, Saba Qamar and Irfan Khan have done the acting close to the nature.

On the other side, the movie is tax free in Indian capital, New Delhi after the state, Madhiya Pardesh, Maharashtra and Gujrat. This is the second week of the release of the movie and the fans are still giving the positive response to the movie.



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