Premiere of film Salute


The premiere of film “Salute”, based on the life of 15 years old student Aitzaz Hasan who sacrificed his life to spoiled a terrorist attack, has been released.

This film “Salute” is based on the life of 15 year old 9th class student of Hangu district, Aitzaz Hasan, who lost is life while stopping a terror attacked that saved the lives of hundreds of students.

Film’s director and writer Shehzad Rafiq said that the sacrifice of students in the war against terrorism is highlighted in film “Salute”.

Aitzaz Hasan’s father said that the message of sacrifice and bravery of his son will reach in every house through this film.

Shooting of the film was held in Dubai and Pakistan. Famous actor Ajab Gul is performing the role of Aitzaz’s father and actress Saima is performing her mother’s role. Film “Salute” will release in the cinemas all around the country from 2nd December 2016.


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