PTCL Increase Freedom Package Charges from Rs.499 to Rs. 599 Per Month


PTCL has increased the rates in the freedom packages from the present rate for Rs.499 per month to Rs.599 per month and PTCL will charge this increase in rate from the next month.

PTCL uploaded the post on the website and it will be added with the information that Freedom package will be made available for the landline customers and the charges will be deducted from the users at the rate of Rs.599 per month from 01 December 2015 and onward.

PTCL Broadband Packages Rates 2015

The users can get the charging rates of the Freedom package with unlimited on net calling on the local and nation-wide numbers and they will also get the 100 free PTCL to Ufone minutes. Now the freedom package customers can know about the increase in the price of the charges and these will be deducted through monthly bills, which will be sent to the users this month.

PTCL Increse Freedom Packages Charges

Offer Details:

  • Freedom Package charges: Rs. 599 per month start from 01 December 2015.
  • Unlimited On-Net Calls to clients on local and long-distance numbers
  • No Line Rent
  • The package is mandatory for NTCs
  • Standard Off-Net, Mobile and International Calling Charges will be applicable
  • This package is available on Opt In basis for existing customers
  • Unlimited On-Net Calls
  • 100 Minutes from PTCL to Ufone
  • Free CLI
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