PTCL Says Internet Could Work Slowly Due to Submarine Cable Fault


It seems that the submarine cables are facing some problems these days, which are connecting Pakistan with outside world. The TransWorld is facing some issues these days and the entire traffic was shifted to PTCL and the heavy traffic can cause end up of the major disruption yesterday.

PTCL has made the announcement that one of the international submarine cable systems, SEA-ME-WE-4 and it has developed a fault. The company has the opinion that issue of the cable system can result in the damaging the customer experience like slow in internet speeds, during the peak hours. PTCL said that the international consortium manages the submarine cable system and it has started the repair work to restore the services at the earliest.

PTCL said that it is fully alert about the prevailing situation and the necessary action in this regarding can reduce the service impact, which has already been undertaken. Now traffic is being routed through 3 other submarine cable networks that are provided to PTCL.

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