PTCL Starts Re-verifying EVO and Nitro Users Registration


At the time while telecommunication companies according to direction from PTA, are going to re-verify their customers through biometric verification system, while PTCL company has begun to verify its EVO and Nitro customers.

EVO and Nitro users don’t have to do anything or to go anywhere to re-verify their EVO connections; instead a web-form will be displayed to them automatically where they will have to submit their contact details.

When using EVO or Nitro devices, a webpage will be shown up and asks the users to fill up with their contacts information’s such as names, CNIC number, email address, postal address and more.

To offer the users an stimulant, PTCL is providing a 3G EVO Tab in a lucky draw for those who is going to submit their details through the online form.



All the customers should register their information’s while purchasing of EVO or Nitro devices.

When it’s yet unclear that why the PTCL Company has begun this process of re-verifying its customers at this point in time, but the message which is shown up on verification page mentions that customers have to register accurate information in order to prevent from any service suspension.

We are not sure regarding how the PTCL is going to ensure that information which is provided by the customers is correct and how and when PTCL is going to suspend EVO and Nitro for those who have slightly registered incorrect contact information.

More 2 million EVO and Nitro customers have been registered with PTCL, but data verification of these customers is not highlighted by the regulator or the government since these 2 millions connections are not voice enabled and are mostly used for internet provision only.

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