PTCL Unlimited 100 Mbps Broadband for Rs.4999 per Month




Pakistan Telecommunication Company has introduced the unlimited 100 mbps internet for Rs.4999/- per month and this is the new broadband plan, which is only available on GPON (FTTH) and on DSL for revamped exchanges.

The company is offering the 100 Mbps broadband plans in the selected areas and as more exchanges are revamped, the coverage will stretch across the country. PTCL said that this revamp will be completed by early next year.

PTCL GPON – FTTH Broadband Plans

  • 5 Mbps:           Rs.1999/-
  • 10 Mbps:         Rs.2499/-
  • 20 Mbps:         Rs.2999/-
  • 50 Mbps:         Rs.3999/-
  • 100 Mbps:       Rs.4999/-

The users should note that the New Fiber to Home (GPON) connection installation charges are about PKR 11999/-. The GPON will be provided in few selected areas and you can call on the helpline to see the location is within the coverage area of the company or not. You can also click on this link to watch the coverage map of PTCL GPON. If you want to qualify for these packages, you will have to be in the area, where GPON is provided or located in the area, where the exchanges have been revamped.

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