PTV Global Converted into Children Entertainment Channel


The Ministry of Information has made the plan to change the PTV Global to the children entertainment channel, which is the recent development of the present government. Now PTV Global will be the first ever official tv channel that caters to the needs of the children.

The Information Minister shared this news, when she talked with reporters and said that the move of changing the status of the tv channel is amid at the promotion of the channel for the children entertainment to create the awareness among the children so that they can know about their rights, culture, tradition and values. Several meetings were held with the prominent broadcasting people and the plan for the conversion of the PTV Global into channel for the children will be implemented.

Never Considered by Any Government

The Information Minister also said that the government never worked on the establishment of the entertainment network for the children over last 35 years. The government did not give attention on giving education to the students and the youth of the country through their national heritage. Similarly the film industry is also being revived as per orders of the PM. She further added that the countries use their film industry to create the awareness among their youth about important social issues and convey the powerful social messages.

Positive image for Pakistan

She said that being discussing the terrorism threats at the forefront, the country has been under constant terrorist threat since last 30 years. It also decreased the level of tolerance among the people. It is duty of the media to play the positive role and present the positive image of Pakistan and its society. Media can help the government to create and promote the positive image of the country.

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