Punjab Government Online Lecture Summary through Cable TV


As the threat of COVID-19 outbreak in the country, the government and private schools across Punjab are closed and the students are asked to stay in their homes to avoid the coronavirus pandemic. The government has already announced the summer vacation in schools, colleges and universities all over the Punjab province and the exams of all classes are also declared suspended till the vacation and removal of the lockdown from the province. Now the students are staying in their home and all academic activities are suspended, which can be great loss for the students. Punjab government has decided to set up the cable tv channel to deliver the online lectures to the students from class one to class ten. Punjab Government Online Lecture Summary through Cable TV.

Ministry of Education, Punjab Government has prepared the summary of the online lectures and they also gave their recommendations for the online lectures, which will be telecast through cable tv channel and the students will note their lectures in Sciences subjects and Mathematics and the teachers will deliver their lectures from 01 April 2020 from 09:00 am to 02:00 pm and the students will attend these lectures and they will also note the home work. At the time of promotion of the students to the next higher classes, this home work will be considered.

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