Punjab Govt Bans WhatsApp in All Government Offices


The Punjab Government has taken an immediate action to ensure the security of confidential information of the government offices. As a result of a number of leaks of confidential information and documents from the govt offices reported by provincial authorities and claimed that some confidential information was shared in some WhatsApp groups, Punjab Govt bans WhatsApp in all government offices.

Notification of Whatsapp Ban in Govt Offices of Punjab

Senior officials immediately took notice of the matter and issued orders through the Department of Services and General Administration to immediately refrain from using WhatsApp. According to the news the federal cabinet held a meeting and issued orders on January 31st will be implemented from February 14th, 2020.

No More Whatsapp in Govt Offices

No More Whatsapp in Govt Offices

The letter was sent to all government offices and all offices are asked not to use WhatsApp or any similar media applications with latest technology during working hours in the offices. Only Official Customary channels are directed to use to exchange the files and any other official information.

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