Recommendation Letter Sample 2


Recomendation Latter Sample

Recomendation Latter Sample

Recommendation Letter 2:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have known Mr XYZ for last 4 years and he got education of two modules from me, when he was pursuing his bachelor of Computer System Engineering degree at this University.

Rasheed proved to be committed, intelligent and hard working student during his course of study. It also demonstrated the enquiring mind and he has great attachment and enthusiasm for the academic work and social work. He has been the student, who is ready to listen to me and act upon my advice. He has proved his ability to work in group and as the individual. He has shown the interest in development, education and peace especially to create the awareness regarding quality of education to people in the underprivileged rural areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

Mr XYZ has arranged the 6 days mega event ‘Mega Buzz’ 16’ in UET Peshawar with the team. He has also proved his self as the good citizen and he completed his ‘Social Action Project’ successfully, Active Citizens Program project named ‘Maps 2.0’ with the collaboration of British Council. He is the innovative thinker possessing with strong communication skills, development of social issues and motivates others. He has the experience, commitment and interest and I have no hesitation in recommendation for Hansen Summer Institute and through this program, he will learn more and he will improve his communication skills and will create deep interest in the international relations and peace. I am sure that he will become good leader in future and I wish him well for his future ventures.

Yours faithfully


Assistant Professor,

Department of CS & IT, XYZ University

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