Recommendation Letter Sample 3


Recomendation Latter Sample

Recomendation Latter Sample

Recommendation Letter 3

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is my personal letter of recommendation for my student, XYZ. I have been taught him for many months and during his study, I was his immediate supervisor.

I have been taught him the course for many months and during the course work, I found him pleasant and he tackled all given work with the dedication and smile. I felt joy to work with XYZ as he is the take charge person, who showed his ability to present the creative ideas and communicate the benefits. He has developed his interest in the area of human rights and development successfully especially to create the awareness of human rights to people of rural areas of Pakistan. he also worked for the education areas of the organization and XYZ assumed the leadership role to promote the human rights inspiring and motivating other employees, stand out and unique among others while working towards community development to help in understanding the issues on hand through different parameters and perspectives.

I recommend Mr XYZ for this fellowship as he is the team player and he would make the great asset to any organization.

Yours sincerely,


President of XYZ

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