Recommendation Letter Sample 4


Recomendation Latter Sample

Recomendation Latter Sample

Recommendation Letter 4:

I am feeling happy to write this letter of recommendation on the behalf of Mr XYZ. As the chairman of Department of Computer System Engineering at UET Peshawar, I taught Mr XYZ in different classes.  He has proved that he is capable and motivated the students with his qualities, which are necessary to pursue for further studies in the master degree program.

During the study of Digital Logic Designs & Active Designs, I instructed Mr XYZ and helped him in the processes and applications. Mr XYZ has shown the impressive analytical skills and the keen intellect. He completed his work in the class in time and he participated by giving valuable contributions. I taught him some extra activities including member of community/ societies and volunteer services. I have experience with him to grasp the complex ideas with ease. He showed the rigorous intellect during his studies and I recommend him for entrance to Summer International program confidently as I feel that he will perform with his utmost capabilities.

Mr XYZ is highly motivated students having the intellect and background that prepared him well for the challenges. He will be exceptional addition to your program and I will recommend him without having any reservation.



PhD (The Netherlands),

Director Admission

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