Report Video Games Addicted Kids Have Weak Bones


London, the children, who play video games for many hours daily, it is revealed they faced many disease along with weakness in their bones.

In the research journal, ‘BMJ Case report’ it is revealed about a British child that the addiction of video games can cause obesity in the children and their bones can also become weak and they can be broken. In the medical science, it is revealed that physical activity like playing games along with their reading and study, are necessary in the childhood and in their youth so that their mind and body can be grown equally.

The experts warn in this context that the children do not let to play the video games because they sit at one place for many hours and it cause obesity in these children. They face many problems and diseases during their early childhood. The scientists showed their concerns in different studies that due to playing the video games for many hours, the bones of the children can become weak. But this is the first case in which the child is observing suffered from arthritis and severe weakness in the bones because of playing the video games. According to the medical point of view, the age range from birth to 24 years is called the age of growth and different parts of the body are grown up during this age group and there is visible tendency of health and strength in these body parts. After 35 to 40 years, the age starts decreasing and the whole body along with bones became weak and various diets and exercises are suggested to avoid these effects.

The old age symptoms appear in the children, who fond of playing the video games, favors the dangers in the body, which most of the experts expressed from many years. it is very easy to avoid these symptoms because in the ‘BMJ Case report’ it is suggested that parents should keep their children busy in playing for one hours in the open sun and the deficiency of vitamin D will be fulfilled and they will not face the weakness of the bones.

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