Restaurants in Islamabad Not Pay Billions of Taxes


Restaurants in Islamabad Not Pay Billions of Taxes

There are many media reports, which have revealed that many restaurants are developed in the federal capital of Islamabad but they are reluctant to pay billions of rupees in taxes. Restaurants in Islamabad Not Pay Billions of Taxes.

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) introduced the restaurant invoice monitoring system (RIMS) to show the actual values of the sales of restaurants in the real time. The department has set up the teams in different restaurants for this purpose. It is reported that the teams notices that after installation of RIMS, some restaurants stopped showing the sales for many days and some of the restaurants have kept their system offline the whole day and they uploaded some of the invoices at midnight.

FBR officials noticed that the estimated sales of the restaurants at Monal for one day was about Rs 1 million and the owner was showing the amount less than Rs.5 million monthly sales. Monal declared the sales as Rs.1.03 million from 161 generated receipts on 20 April. The restaurants charged up to 17% sales tax from the customers and they do not transfer the amount to the tax department.

All Islamabad Restaurants Association (AIRA) called for the strike on 23 April and over 250 restaurants will remain close on the same date in Islamabad. They have the opinion that FBR is harassing the restaurants and they are going on the protest.

AIRA said that FBR is squeezing the existing taxpayers rather than expanding the tax base and the State Minister for Revenue, Hammad Azhar has taken the notice of the protest and he asked the restaurants to postpone their call for the protest.

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