Richest Family In The Asia


The Asia’s richest family title has been won by the Indian ambani family, and South Korean family lee was on the 2nd position.

The for bees magazine released the list of Asia’s 50 richest families, the ambani family got the wealth of 45 kharab rupees.

The American business magazine released the fresh list of the richest families, and Indian ambani family is the richest family in Asia, and they got the assets of 44.8 billion American dollars and if this money is converted in rupees then it becomes 45 kharab rupees.

According to the list the South Korean family lee got the assets of 40.8 billion American dollars and stands on the 2nd position, Hong Kong family coke got the assets of 40.4 billion American dollars and are the 3rd richest family in Asia.

Keep in mind that in this list most of the families belong from India and the families are 18 in number, whereas in the list of Asia’s 50 richest families no Pakistani family is included.



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