Robot Removing Weeds from Crops Prepared


Geneva, If the weeds, bushes and grass are not removed from the crops, then it can damage the crops severely. Now this work can be handed over to robot and you do not need to step on the crops and you can remove the waste grass and weeds from the crops.

A company, ‘EcoRobotix’ based in Switzerland has prepared the most effective robot of the world with the artificial intelligence and it can be controlled by the smart phone. With the use of this robot, you can remove the grass, weeds and other extra growing material effectively without use of any pesticides.

The extra grass and weeds growing with the crops all over the world are needed to be removed but it cost about 26 billion dollars on the medicines and chemicals, which are used to remove these weeds. These pesticides harm the crops and this new robot has the potential to solve this dual issue.

This robot looks like the small moving table and there are small solar cells installed over it. A camera is installed on its long neck and it watches by the computer vision and the GPS system guides it. When the camera differentiates the crop and the extra weeds then its two web like arms sprays over it and in this way the blind use of spray is not necessary.

This machine can work continuously for 12 hours in automatic way and you can control it by the Mobile phone. The Swiss company claimed that with the use of this machine, the spray of the pesticides can be decreased to 20% along with the necessity of the expensive and harmful pesticides are also is decreased to great extent.

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