Robot Snake to Save Lives in Traffic Accidents


Tokyo, the Japanese experts have prepared the robot, and a powerful camera is installed on its one end. It is also added with tiny hair and it can crawl and reach to any demolished building and enter in the debris to the far off distances.

Prof Satoshi Tadokoro and his colleagues of the Tohoko University Japan have prepared this robot and it can climb up the walls and it can reach far inside the building after any earthquake and Tsunami. This robot can also clean the dust and it can also examine the bridges and buildings besides the accidents so that they can judge the defects present there. The length of this robot is about 26 feet and it can cross the 20 centimeter high obstacle. It can change the direction as and when it is required. It has the weight of 3 kilograms and it can cover the distance of 10 centimeters per second.

HOW to Make Snake Robot

After the earthquake in eastern Japan in 2011, the experts thought about this robot, which is now prepared. After its necessary testing, it will be presented in the global market after next three years. This robot was also tried after fokoshima tsunami but it cannot cover some of the obstacles and the research work is being carried out on it


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