Robots Cause Unemployment Around the World


The robots have started working in different fields all over the world and due to which there is severe danger to spread the unemployment. Professor Dr Subhash Kock of Electrical and Computer Engineering in Oklahoma University claimed that due to this situation, the condition of disappointment will spread all over the world. The human being will have no value and their presence will become meaningless and there will be no need of the people.

Professor Kock said that the robots can manage all of the tasks of the world due to which the unemployment will be spread. People want to have useful and meaningful work and the whole world will face the disappointment. The policy makers are talking about minimum income, food to everyone, shelter and provision of smart phone to everyone but the issue will not be solved. He also said that the use of drugs and involvement to the terrorist groups are due to this robot economy.

He assured that the automatic robots will create such employments, which man does not think about them. He further added that the use of menace of opium and drugs is due to this frustration.

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