Robots help at Hotel, Airports and Bazaars


Seoul, The leading technology firm, LG is going to exhibit three such helpful robots in the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and they are made for the help of the human beings.

According to the company, these robots are prepared especially for the airports, hotels, and shopping malls for the public guidance and help for them. These robots are given the title of ‘CLOI’, which become mix among the people and help them. The guide robot can help the passengers at the airport to show their way and it is used to help them. The floor cleaning robot will clean the floor avoiding the people as the vacuum cleaner is installed in it. The third is the lawn moving robot, which will move in the home and it will do different tasks in the home and the people can control it with the smart phone.

CLOI robot can do anything but they are designed in the similar way. The body of the robot is made in a particular way and the interface display of the round face is made and every robot is looking same but it is different from other due to its program.

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