Saba Qamar Movie Hindi Medium Poster


Mumbai, Pakistan actress, Saba Qamar has performed in her first Bollywood movie, ‘Hindi Medium’, in which she worked with the Indian actor, Irfan Khan. Now the poster of the movie has been released in which both of them are riding in the cycle rickshaw.

Saba Qamar will start her film career from the Bollywood movie, ‘Hindi Medium’ and Irfan Khan has released the poster of the movie. She performed in this movie and she was not got separated from the cast of the movie. Various Hindu extremists threatened them and Producers Association put ban on the Pakistan artists to perform in the Indian movies and there were news that she was got separated from the castoff the movie. Now after release of the poster, it proved that all news were fake and baseless. She is performing the romantic and comedy role in this movie and she will perform as the wife of Irfan in the movie. Sakeet Choudhary is the director of the movie and this movie will be released on 31 March 2017 and the viewers will wait for the release of the movie impatiently.


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