Saba Qamar Rumors Marriage in India


There are rumors of marriage of Pakistani actress Saba Qamar in India while Bollywood actor Errfan Khan said about this issue that he has heard about the wedding of actress Saba Qamar in India.

Pakistani actress Saba Qamar has started her Bollywood career and soon she will be seen in film “Hindi Medium” with star Errfan Khan. There were news about her exit from film even before the shooting of film but now the actor has surprised Pakistanis and Indians after making such claim about Saba Qamar.

According to Indian media, Errfan Khan told about the final cast of film that no one is casted in place of Saba Qamar in the film and the release date of film also hasn’t been announced due to which rumors spread. On replying a question, the actor said that he learnt that Saba Qamar has married in India and now she is an Indian citizen.

On the other hand, Pakistani and Indian fans are surprised on this statement by Errfan Khan but only Saba Qamar can admit or reject about the claim of her marriage.



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