Salman Sends Gift of High Bred Puppy to Chinese Actress


Mumbai, The super star of Bollywood film industry, Salman Khan performed the lead role in the new coming movie, ‘Tube Light’ in which the Chinese actress, Xu Xu has also performed the lead role in this movie. Both the actors have developed good chemistry during the shooting of the movie and they have developed their friendship and Salman Khan takes great care of his friendship.

He also takes great care of his fellow actors and actresses and he also manages the parties during the shooting of their movies. He is also well known for giving gifts to his colleagues so he awarded the gift to the Chinese actress, Xu Xu. He gave away the high bred puppy to her Chinese friend and actress and she also likes this gift. Both the artists are appeared in the movie together and Shah Rukh Khan was also appeared in this movie to perform the short role.



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