Sania Child Will Play From which Country


New Delhi, Indian Tennis star and wife of all rounder of Pakistan cricket team, Shoaib Malik said that she repented to make her child a sports personality. According to Indian media, when a question was asked from her that in which department her baby would go after becoming younger, and which country he will represent either Pakistan or India on this, she touched her ears and said that she will not make her child a sports personality and she does not think about this. She also said that she did not talk with Shoaib Malik about it. It may be their child may not become sportsman but he may become an actor, teacher or doctor. However, she does not know about it but she is proud of being Indian and Shoaib is proud of being Pakistani. When they are with each other, they are proud of being their companion.

The audience of the show appreciated the reply of Sania and Indian actor, Reitish Deshmuk, who was also there in the show, said that there are some examples in Pakistan and India and Sania is the sign of hope and love for both the countries.

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