Saudi Arabia Hosts Hajj Hackathon First Time


Hajj Hackathon

Hajj Hackathon

Saudi Arabia is going to introduce the first ever Hajj Hackathon, which will be started from 01 August 2018. This event will be 36 hours long and it will be largest hackathon, which will be held to date in Saudi Arabia and it will be finished on 03 August 2018. .

The tech entrepreneurs, designers, developers and innovators from all over the world will attend Hackathon and the main purpose of this event is to come up with and build such technology that help to streamline Hajj process where around 2 million Muslims perform this religious ritual.

The Hackathon

Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming and Drones made the partnership with Google and Rise Up of Egypt to organize this event. It is the first that the Saudi Arabia looked upto the technological innovators in order to improve experience of pilgrims in the holy cities.

The Muslims knows that they perform Hajj across different cities and it is added with moving and logistics issues. The participants of hackathon will give the solutions of the issues, related to:

  • Food and beverage
  • Transportation, travel and accommodation
  • Crowd management and traffic control
  • Waste management
  • Housing and communication solutions

After the judgment of following criteria, the winner will be decided:

  • Design
  • Simplicity
  • Creativity
  • impact
Hajj Hackathon 2

Hajj Hackathon 2

The Prizes

The above mentioned variables will have the five points and the competitors have the prize of 2 million Saudi Riyal as the equity investment in their product. Other prizes of competition are free tickets to Google IO 2019 Developers Conference in America, which will be held in April – June next year and Rise Up Summit 2018. They will also be offered the Google Home Mini with built in Google Assistant. The prizes are:

  • The grand prize is added to 1 million Saudi Riyal as the 15% equity investment
  • First runner up with obtain 500,000 Saudi Riyal
  • The second runner up will get 350,000 Saudi Riyal

You can follow this link and apply for the Hackathon and the organizers will arrange the flights, accommodation and visas for the ideas, which are shortlisted for Hackathon.

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