Saudi Scientists Have Created A Unique Artificial Skin


Saudi Researcher reportedly has made a significant development in the field of Biotechnology. The Scientists of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have created a unique artificial skin. The experiment was carried out by the scientists of the Biotechnology Department, King Abdullah Medical University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia KSA.

The newly made skin is longlasting, has more flexibility like a real human skin and has sensitive elements as well. According to the scientists it is an electronic skin and can be used in artificial organs and surprisingly it can also be repaired as well.  A major contributor of this amazing invention of the Biotechnology, Researcher Dr. Yichen Cai said:

“The ideal e-skin will mimic the many natural functions of human skin, such as sensing temperature and touch, accurately and in real-time. However, making suitably flexible electronics that can perform such delicate tasks while also enduring the bumps and scrapes of everyday life is challenging, and each material involved must be carefully engineered”

This advancement in the field of Biotechnology will be effectively helpful in future in skin and other organs surgery to cure the diseases. Let’s see after how long this invention will be practically applied in the medical and how long it works successfully.

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