SBP issues Branch Codes for Fresh Currency Notes


At last, the list of branches and branch codes have been released by State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) through which citizens can get new currency notes for this Eid ul Fitr.
SBP has not only doubled the number of bank branches for people to obtain fresh currency notes for Eid but they have also reduced the SMS fee to Rs. 1.50.
But every bank branch has certain quota to issue fresh currency notes and request of every customer may not be entertained.
Under this service, a person will send an SMS message with 13 digit CNIC number and the desired branch ID. After this SMS, the sender will receive a SMS reply in which he/she will be told about the code through which he can get currency notes through banks.
A sender will not get a response in case the quota of that bank branch is finished after which he has to send another request with a different branch ID.
As compared to last, year, SBP has doubled the number of branches from 500 to 1000 this year. These branches of various commercial and specialized banks are located in 120 different cities.
It is also stated that single mobile phone number and CNIC can only be used once. This service of issuance of fresh currency through Mobile SMS service will remain continue from 12th June to 23rd June 2017.

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