SBP launches SMS service for new currency notes on Eid


State bank of Pakistan launches service every year in Ramadan for citizens through which they can acquire new currency notes for Eid ul Fitr. This trend is continues this year also while SBP and Pakistan Bank Association joined together to issue the new note service.
The worth of new currency notes issued by SBP in 2016 remained Rs. 249 billion while it remained Rs. 154 billion in year 2015.
This service will be available in whole of Pakistan while these notes can be taken through a short SMS code. This service will start from 12th June 2017 while it will continue till 23rd June 2017.
You can use this service by sending your CNIC number and a branch ID number to 8877 through SMS in the format of “CNIC number (space) branch ID”.
After sending this SMS, you will receive a SMS about the branch from where you can get the notes and also the date when you should visit that branch. Original CNIC and its photocopy are required to get these new notes.
This service of fresh notes will be available in 120 cities from 1000 commercial bank branches and State Bank offices.
Every person can receive 2 packets of Rs. 50 and Rs. 100 each and 3 packets of Rs. 10.
Rs. 1.5 + tax is the fee of SMS messages.
This service can only be availed during Ramadan.
One CNIC can be used with one mobile number.
If you miss the date to get fresh notes from bank branch, you will not be able to receive transaction later.
Branch IDs of State Bank and bank branch codes are different.

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