Seeing through walls is possible via Wi-Fi


Everyone knows that Wi-Fi can pass through walls and it is the reasons that a router of one room sends signals to another room but now things present in the room like table, chair and humans can be detected by using this Wi-Fi.feature by making their 3D hologram.

23 year old student of Technical University of Munich, Philipp Holl, says that you can scan a room with Wi-Fi. Philip has made a small instrument and its detail has been mentioned in the journal “Physical Letter”. This is an experimental instrument which use the Wi-Fi rays that hit the things present in the room and then reflect back to make a hologram of that thing.

If there is a cup on table in a room then he can see it as a face. A man or pet sitting on the sofa can easily be detected. Anything with length of 4 cm can be shown through this instrument.

2D pictures of things present in a room can be taken by antenna of Wi-Fi but Philipp’s manufactured instrument can make 3D hologram of anything present in the room.

There are two antennas in this system. One remains fixed while other moves. The fixed antenna takes pictures of background while the other moving camera can take pictures of things from various directions and software is used for mapping of these pictures. Currently, dim holograms are available for physical objects but this technology can be improved soon.

According to Philip, dumped people after an accident can also be found through an additional reference antenna while this system can also be used for spying.

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