Shah Rukh Khan as host to Be My Guest


According to earlier reports, Shah Rukh Khan will promote tourism of Dubai by shooting few films. The actor has shared few glimpses with his fans while inviting them to become his guests in UAE as has been made the brand ambassador of Dubai Tourism. We are providing here few beautiful pictures from this shoot. The fan club of actor posted these stills and you will surely like them.

After performing few initial characters on screen, the actor turned to become a chef for his guests. During this process, the actor not only served food but he also cooked few of them. After posting a glimpse of his promotional video, Shah Rukh Khan wrote that he real liked the real interaction with people as it will be presented in the upcoming films. Dubai Tourism contacted with SRK just few days ago to make few short films for promotional purposes.

According to Dubai Tourism, the actor will show hidden aspects of Dubai in this projects through which viewers can see the city through the Bollywood star’s eyes. Shah Rukh said in a recent interview that Dubai is like second home to him and he likes the city very while whether he is there for business trips or enjoying his holidays with friends and family.


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