Shah Rukh Khan declares Himself brother of Salman Khan


In a recent ceremony of film awards, two superstars of Bolywood Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan surprised the audience after appearing together at stage as hosts of the show after a long time.

Both performed the role of brothers in 1995 Bollywood film “Karan Arjun” and remained close friends for quite long but later several differences and misunderstandings parted them. But the distances between them were closing since last few years and they had started to end mutual differences also.

The participation of both actors in the film award ceremony together was not only surprising for viewers but they also mocked at those who created differences between them without naming them.

On that occasion, Shah Rukh Khan said that he and Salman are like brothers and the things happened between them are similar to things happen between two brothers. Apart from that, they also tell few jokes about their previous differences and misunderstandings and pleased the spectators.

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