Shahrukh Khan BFFs of Deepika in Bollywood


Deepika Padukone, who stated her film career in 2007 with Shahrukh Khan’s film “Om Shanti Om”, is among the busiest actresses of Bollywood. She says that even today she relies on Shah Rukh Khan for her career.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone

She said during an interview that she has worked with Shah Rukh Khan in three films and she admits that these films succeeded due to him. She never became afraid to work with him because she relies much on him. The actress gave the reason that you rely on few persons due to special relations with them that they will help you out in the time of a trouble and Shahrukh Khan and like that for her.

On replying a question about her first Bollywood film “Om Shanti Om”, Deepika said that she can never forget the moment when film director Farah Khan took her to meet Shah Rukh Khan and said he is the hero of film Shah Rukh Khan. At that moment, Shah Rukh said that she can call her in case of any problem.

She admits of receiving opinions from Shah Rukh Khan and said he told her to enjoy the film in which you perform because people will like your work if you herself like it. Due to this reason, she only selects those scripts which she can enjoy while performing and it is the reason for success of her films.

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