Shahrukh Khan like his couple with Mahira Khan


Mumbai, Mahira Khan is the Pakistani actress, who has performed in the television dramas. Now she is going to perform in the Bollywood film industry, where she will perform in the movie, ‘Raees’ against Shah Rukh Khan.

Mahira Khan got tremendous success and popularity from the television dramas and she is now going to start her career in the film industry. She will perform the leading role against Shah Rukh Khan and he declares his couple with Mahira Khan fit and best. Shah Rukh Khan is now busy in the shooting of his new coming movie, ‘Dilwale’, in which Kajol is performing the leading role against him.

King Khan shared a picture on the twitter during the shooting of the movie, in which he is doing the romance with Kajol. Then Mahira Khan praised this picture and gave her comments on the pictures. On which king Khan gave a message on the twitter that they would look best in the movie, ‘Raees’. The movie, ‘Raees’ will be released on Diwali next year.




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Shahrukh Khan like his couple with Mahira Khan, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating


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