Sindh Govt Free Ration Mobile Service Provider


Sindh government has announced the launching of the mobile service in order to provide the ration to the daily waters and other needing people, who are affected by the ongoing global pandemic. The Chief Minister has managed the meeting at CM House and said that his government is going to start this dedicated services for the daily wagers and needy people, who are badly affected by the threat of the COVID-19 outbreak. Sindh Govt Free Ration Mobile Service Provider.

Free Ration Mobile Service Provide by Sindh Govt

Free Ration Mobile Service Provide by Sindh Govt

The government will generate the number and it will be sent to everyone through SMS. The people, who need food supplies or ration, they can send a text message for the ration and the committee will contact with them. The CM of Sindh urged the philanthropists to come forward and they can contribute in this noble cause.

The CM of Sindh placed the orders to the authorities of the provincial government to distribute the ration bags among the poor and needy people and the government is going to distribute about two million ration bags, having flour, rice, milk, tea, sugar, spices and three types of the lentils.

The government has established the warehouse for the proper distribution of the ration bags and it will be ensured that each house receive one ration bag and avoid the duplication, the houses that receive the ration will  be marked.

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