Skype Goes Down Worldwide for Most Users


Skype is the big source of chat worldwide and daily millions of people use this source of communication to have chat with each other. Currently Skype is facing problems worldwide and it is unusable for huge number of users worldwide.

The issue of not replying to the users, is arisen during past few hours. The team of Skype is busy in resolving the issue and they are working on ‘with the status settings’. The team has tweeted that they are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

During this time, various users will have to face the problems to use their Skype online and during this time, various users will not seem online and they will not be able to change their mood messages or status.  Their contacts will also be shown as offline and their Skype calls will also not be available until, this issue is solved.

Skype team is working hard to get solve the issue, which holds the chatting of the people with their dear ones. If the people want to use Skype, they can use the web and need to know that it is functional. The instant messages are also delivered to the people successfully but at this time, group chat is not possible due to this issue.

If the users want to sign in or they can get the functionality, they can face problems due to non availability of this service. They cannot get the information regarding their account or the account information is not provided to them and the function is slow on the request of the users. The community pages of Skype are not loading and the information about the issue can be viewed on the official social network channels of Skype.

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