Snapchat Pay $1 Million for Making Viral Video


Social media is getting popular among users and millions of users like to watch sensational TikTok and now Snapchat is going to start the competition among the users that it will reward $1 million, who create the viral video on spotlight. Snapchat will reward not only the big stars but also people with private and personal accounts in order to ensure their true competition on the social media. Snapchat Pay $1 Million for Making Viral Video.
Spotlight is new Snapchat feature announced to start the TikTok and you can create your own videos and share them with followers like TikTok. Spotlight will use algorithm to select most engaging posts and most viral videos will be rewarded for $1 million every day till the end of the year and this competition will be continued through the whole year 2021.
The users can send the videos to scheme to become eligible for rewards and the age of the users will be over 16 years and they will abide by copyright rules, sponsorship, use of alcohol, drugs and the feed will be monitored by an algorithm for violations so that one can decide to cheat the system. It was not disclosed that how much videos you can make and it will depend on number of views it has. Snapchat did not make it clear if the users are more to have maximum views over their viral videos or the users must have maximum amount, a user can earn.


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