Somy Ali Break up with Salman Due to Aishwariya


Mumbai, Bollywood actress, Somi Ali said that she lost her 8 years long relationship with Bollywood super star Salman Khan because of Aishwariya Rai. She said that she and Salman Khan fell in love with each other in their young age and the actress left America and she was settled in Mumbai and the actress also started her career in the film industry. After failure in 8 years long love with him, she left Mumbai in 1997 and she got settled in Florida and now she has revealed the secrets for being departed from Salman Khan.

According to media reports, Pakistani fame Bollywood actress, Somi Ali gave an interview in 2011 and it is becoming viral on the social media quickly and she declared that Aishwariya Rai was the main reason for her separation from Salman Khan. She said that she watched movie, ‘Maine Pyar Kia’ of Salman Khan at the age of 15 years and she fell in love with him. After that she left America and reached to Mumbai to meet him and also to get married to him. She has the deep relationship with Salman Khan for eight years. When Salman Khan got close to Aishwariya on the set of movie, ‘Hum Dil De Chukay Sanam’ in 1997, she left this relationship.

She said that Aishwariya Rai created the misunderstandings between them but she has complete trust in Salman Khan even today. She did not feel sorrow for finishing her relationship with Salman Khan but she did, what she felt suitable for her. It is to be clear she performed with Salman Khan in the movie, ‘Buland’ in 1992, which was not released.



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