Sonakshi Sinha in movie Karachi You are Killing Me


The relation between Pakistan and Bollywood is not new but nowadays Pakistani artists and writers came close to Bollywood and vice versa. Pakistani artists are very popular in Bollywood and films are also produced on the stories of Pakistani writers.

Famous Indian filmmaker Sunhil Sippy is producing a film from Saba Imtiaz’s novel “Karachi, You Are Killing Me!” in which the role of heroine will be played by Sonakshi Sinha.

Main role of the novel is a young journalist Ayesha Khan who lives in Karachi while Noorai Chaudhary is the heroine of film “Noor” who is quite enthusiastic about her career and she is naughty in her private life.

Shooting of film “Noor” will start from July and it is expected to complete till August. The other actors of film apart Sonakshi are not decided yet.

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