Spray to Make Everything Touch Screen


New York, The engineers have prepared such a revolutionary spray paint, which can turn any surface into touch pad and makes it the touch screen. They gave the name to this paint, ‘Electric’ and it can be sprayed on the steering of vehicle, surface of guitar and on the wall and changes it into the touch screen.

The experts of Carnaigi Malone University have carried out the experiment to make it interactive through the smart hone case and it can also be used to make the button and slides. It is developed by the experts of Future Interface group of Carnaigi Malone University and the head of the group said that everything can be turned into touch screen with the use of the box of the spray paint. Now it turns the little even surface into touch screen.


Before this, it was the costly technology and it was difficult to prepare it for the big walls and for the furniture. Now it is made possible with the use of carbon and conductive paint and the electrodes are used in place of sensor. When the paint gets dried, then little bit of electricity runs in it and its voltage is controlled through the electrodes, which works like a button. As soon as anyone place the finger on the paint, the voltages are reduced, which works like a signal. It is also called the Tomographic Reconstruction in the language of electronic and the 2D sensing system notes the placement of the finger. One student, who is working on it, said that the sides and touch button can be made with this paint. The amateur workers can use it for the vacuum making and 3D printing.

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