Srinagar Woman In SRKs Selfie Gone Viral


The Bollywood superstar, Shah Rukh Khan has made a selfie in which a Srinagar woman became the social media star. The King Khan of Bollywood reached Pune recently for the promotion of his movie, ‘Raees’ and the crowed of thousands of girls drew close to him. The actor made the pictures and he shared these pictures with the excited fans on the social media accounts.

One of the selfie was gone viral on the social media and SRK himself made it and the woman was standing in the front row in the picture. The woman was dressed in green t-shirt and she has become the talk of the social media with various other going gaga over the good looks. The comments were given under the picture and people wanted to know more about the girl and they did favor to everyone to track her down.

The girl was identified as the name of Saima Hussain and he is 21 years old and she is third year students of Symbiosis Institute of Design. She is originated from Srinagar and she is now living in Pune for the duration of her course.

She talked with media and said about the overwhelming fame being viral on the social media and got the fame that her best friend alerted her that she had become the internet famous. She thought that her friend was joking with her but she started receiving the calls and messages from everyone. Then she checked for it and she found it surreal.

Saima said that her social media popularity was great luck for her as she was helping in managing the festival for SRK to attend it in Pune. She did not expect to stand in the front row that the insane number of people was present there. Her friend helped her to get through the crowd and she was lucky that the heads of the festival allowed her to stand in the front row in the festival. The 21 years old woman said that she is trying to navigate through the new found fame and she has people randomly tried to talk with her and she is overwhelmed with this joy.

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